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ELEMENTS- Quetza Orsian God of Wind God Form by ElementJax
ELEMENTS- Quetza Orsian God of Wind God Form

( pronounced as “ket-sa”)
Also known as Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan

The Orsian God of Wind

Known as the “Feathered Winged Serpent” and “Wind God” in the Mesoamerican (Aztec/Mayan ect) culture.

In her God Form, she can stand nearly 9 feet in height a just like most predatory serpents her entire body is just as lethal and powerful as her poisonous bite.

Unpredictable, provocative, twisted and quick to aggression, she’s a god that everyone must appease or pay the consequences.  She is egotistical and relishes in the thought that mortals both worship her and fear her.
And when she admires someone, everyone is curious to whether she truly admires or likes them…or wants to eat them. ( Could be both?)

With her vessel, Eagle, they both have a mutual love for games. While Quetza’s ‘play’ is more sadistic, cruel and could quite possibly be fatal, Eagle’s play is more fun, full of pranks and tomfoolery. ( And horrid puns…)

Out of all the Orsian gods, Quetza gets along with Poena- Dragon of Power (Poe) the best….probably because Poena has sadistic streak herself and desire to ‘punish’ anyone. ( they probably plot together…)

Artist’s notes:
Quetza’s character was based off a character in my 3rd Year Animated film called “Jinxed” The film was never finished but the character of my seductive but twisted “Sphinx” was tucked away ready to be revamped for another project- and thus Quetza was created.

 ©2015 THE ELEMENTS. All rights reserved

ELEMENTS- Nereus Orsian God of Water God Form by ElementJax
ELEMENTS- Nereus Orsian God of Water God Form
~ And here is Nereus' God form!  He's about 7 feet tall in this form- smaller than some of the Gods. His Staff is made out of coral, shells and gold. (Nereus loves his gold. He IS a dragon after all.) Despite it looking rather ornate and fragile, Nereus wields that staff like a club. He may not be an aggressive god, but he won't refrain from knocking sense into someone when they need it. He can be eccentric sometimes too.
But unlike some of the relationships between vessel and Dragon, Nereus loves Nola like she would be his own daughter as he did *technically* raise her.

Nereus' Dragon Form here:ELEMENTS- Nereus Orsian God of Water Dragon Form by ElementJax

Copyright © The Elements
ELEMENTS- Nereus Orsian God of Water Dragon Form by ElementJax
ELEMENTS- Nereus Orsian God of Water Dragon Form
PRE-PRODUCTION: Managed to squeeze this guy in during this crazy busy schedule. Granted, its been in progress for a long time. But I'm quite content with its turn out.

This is Nereus, the Orsian God of Water true form.
In Japan his notorious sightings got him the name "Ryujin"
As one of the eldest primary elemental dragons next to Quetza, his size is colossal. He is a moving land mass, coral reefs and the oceans ecosystem literally grow thrive on his back. Unfortunately barnacles seem to seek his form as well, and in his god form its an continuous struggle of getting those pestilent barnacles off his feet. Despite his size, he is a rather timid and kind dragon, but a force to be reckoned with if one provoked or abuses his seas.

He has a heartwarming relationship with his Elemental Vessel: Nola. In this form Nola could pretty much sit his cavernous nostrils, so for a better size comparison I used a 9th Century Japanese Envoy Ship.  (Nola's origin begins the 9th Century -Jogan Year of Japan)

I'm early completed his God form ( hybrid) Its not far from his old design only more updated in horn types and barnacles.

Oh the barnacles.

Copyright © The Elements
The Healing Grotto by ElementJax
The Healing Grotto
Same world-Orsa- but near the water temple ( eight elements. eight temples) In the comic, the temple that was buried eons ago in the mountain, was a sanctuary and blessed by the gods. Underneath the water are chasms of structures, but the water is purified, so standing under the glorious waterfalls healed any open wounds and faded ugly scars. 

Tried a more disney style of painting. Not disappointed with the turn out.

All belongs to "The Elements" Pre-production work.
Hall of Era by ElementJax
Hall of Era
The door to the throne room. I still need to plan out the interior and the eight different thrones. On the walls will be fresco arts of all the elemental dragon gods.

Sketched with ballpoint Pen and a Sharpie.
Gradients and lighting effects added in by MS5 

Quick Update!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 10, 2013, 12:14 PM

Its been a while since I last updated- figured I get this in before 2014 comes around. ( Cuz logically thats when I ACTUALLY do update)

Alright so news on THE ELEMENTS:  Not much news unfortunately. Although I have piles and piles or things I need to do, Facebook site has been going well and getting a smorgasbord of fans which is absolutely fantastic! Website is still in construction- but I finally have a wonderful soul who is working on that for me now, rather than me doing EVERYTHING by myself.
My website building skills are.... well they are just not. Period.

WORK WISE: Big news!  I will no longer be the artist for Megabrain Comic's American Dark Age. It was great ride and a means to get my foot in the door but it's time move further down that road with my career. 

Mostly I've been focusing on my two contracts. EXCEL COMICS and SEQUENTIAL MUSE. Needless to say with SEQUENTIAL MUSE I will be sticking with them for a looong time. Projects are never ending and there is always work! THE ARCHIVIST has to be the most amazing project I've been on yet. And the folks there are a dandy bunch! I've been posting some teaser now and again. They have definitely gave me quite the challenged and loved it it!

and lastly and most importantly COMMISSIONS: First of all, been getting tons of commission request that I have been unable to reply to, but I will no longer be accepting commissions at this time. I need to finish the ones I've already committed too ( no matter how much I need the extra $$$) and wipe that list clean. 
All those wonderful patient people on that list, you know who you are- Seriously. Thank you again.  Once the rush of the next week (s) of contract work is done- commissions are my focus taking them one at a time. I will contact you each when it's time for your commission. And you can crack open the champagne.

Aaaand when that list is clean, I will announce the COMMISSIONS OPEN entry, and load that list back up again ( much smaller this time..)

And with that note, I have to get back to work.

  • Listening to: The End is the Beginning- Two Steps from Hell
  • Drinking: Green Protein Shake thing...mmm-no

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